What's New

Summer 2023 Updates
  • Updated demographics information. Definitions changed for two demographic features and need to be split up into a “before 2019” and “after 2019” version: Single parent houshold and Two or more races.
  • Updated the Anlytics tab "Community Characteristics" with an additional plot/table related to Age breakdown.
  • Added to Resources - Cooks hospital data was in the incorrect categories. 
  • The cyberinfrastrucuture and authorization system were updated to TAPIS V3.
Spring 2023 Updates
  • All map interfaces have been simplified. There is now a single dropdown menu in the top navigation that exposes links to switch between the different reports (analytics, demographics and maltreatment) for the currently selected region. Once you click on a region, you can view that one region under each report section without having to re-select it.
  • After login, users are now redirected to the unified Data and Analysis page.
  • Community Characteristic information for the selected county has been added on the Analytics report. It appears as a link that will reveal detailed graphs in a modal when clicked.
  • Removed the red line on the Analytics report county histogram when predicted values are less than zero.
Fall 2022 Updates
  • Added DFPS locations data to our Resource database.
  • Updated the Demographic report with choice of "Census Tract with graph" or "DFPS Regions with graph". Also updated the plot graph.
  • DPFS Locations added as a new Resources choice to display the locations on the map.
  • Added borders around DFPS regions on the Demographics report. The regions will have a name and number when you mouse over them.
  • Removed Lat/Long values as part of the downloadable data report.
  • Data Sources tab has been renamed and the content is being developed.
  • Updated the title of Parental Responsibility Refused.
  • Updated additional demographic features because the definitions changed in 2019. Definitions changed for two demographic features and need to be split up into a “before 2019” and “after 2019” version for "Single parent household" and "Two or more races".
  • Updated Analytics report for graph. When the county is NOT selected, a distribution graph of state will show the three lines of low, medium, and high. When the county is selected, it will show the top three demographic features.
  • Updated Analytics report to resolve color/contrast issues with statewide analytics chart and updated the plot to properly handle when a selected county is without data.
  • Capitalized the “K” in "100K Children" in all places.
  • Improved and smoothed the map zoom on geographic features.
  • Improved optimizations when loading large maps.
July 2022 Updates
  • Data for 2020 has been added. The reports are now showing data for calendar years 2011 - 2020.
  • The Demographics and Maltreatment reports have a new download feature. Once a county and resources are chosen, you can download the list of resources with name, address, etc. 
  • The Demographics report defaults to Percentages and Population 17 years old and under, with only the Resources of Child and Youth Services and Cook Children's Locations.
  • The Maltreatment report defaults to Rates, with only the Resources of Child and Youth Services and Cook Children's Locations.
  • A resources page to provide data definitions is coming soon. 
  • Mapping color schemes were changed to help differentiate the scale.
February 2022 Updates
  • The Maltreatment Report has an updated stacked bar chart for the Types for the selected county.
  • It also dafaults to showing all types for the selected county.
  • All report headers have been updated and simplified.
  • The reports are showing data for calendar years 2011-2019, not fiscal or academic years.
December 2021 Updates
  • Maps and instructions have been updated.
    • Clicking on a region will filter the data and show new "Resource" markers. The resources populate data by year for hospitals and other locations. The panel will open (located in the top-right corner of the map).
    • Left-clicking on a resource marker will display detailed information about the resource in a popup window.
    • Left-clicking on the Globe icon located in the top-left corner of the map will reset the map zoom level to the default (the entire state of Texas)
  • The Demographics Report has an updated chart that shows both the state wide mean and the mean for the selected county for the chosen demographic.
October 2021 Updates
  • Demographic Report has a brand new graph with specific regions and observable features during selected timeframes. Click on a county to view them.
  • Child Maltreatment has been updated with a choice for Totals or Rates per 100K children.
  • All maps have updated legends to show what data has been chosen or aggregated.
  • All new data has been loaded into a database with metadata labels behind the scenes for faster access to data elements, and allows additions to the data coming into the system.
August 2021 Updates
  • Reports are now divided into the Top Navigation. 
  • Demographics shows individual geographic regions with specific observable features during selected timeframes. Click on a county to view them.
  • Child Maltreatment shows individual geographic regions with specifc maltreatment types during the selected year. Click on a county to view them. 
  • Analytics shows statewide top seven features related to child maltreatment based on county-level total maltreatment counts for the state of Texas, 2011-2019. Analysis was performed with two different models; features are ranked according to their influence in each model type.