Prevention Resource Optimization for Texas or PRO-TX, is a multifunctional AI-informed platform that permits agencies, non-profits and community partners focused on child safety to analyze and visualize data in new and unique ways. PRO-TX explores local, state, and national-level sociodemographic and environmental data from the Census and other data sources to assist decision-makers in the development of prime prevention and early intervention strategies to support positive outcomes for children and families.

PRO-TX can be used for exploratory research on health conditions, social determinants of health, demographic trends, crime statistics and many others. The data and mapping functionality can provide comparisons of existing services with location-specific needs to optimize the allocation of scarce resources. Users are able to explore an area, from Census tract to statewide and view a multitude of indicators that describe the geography. PRO-TX is fully customizable and able to consume large amounts of data into its AI-enabled algorithms. PRO-TX represents a new generation of data mining and visualization for hospitals, social services providers, child welfare agencies, and community partners all focused on keeping children and families safe.